Customer Service

The Laurens Commission of Public Works (Laurens CPW) has significantly reduced the amount of manganese leaving their treatment plant, and water quality is improving within the City of Laurens.  The water quality should improve in the LCWSC system over the next week, as our staff continues their flushing efforts. During this time, we ask for our customers’ continued patience.  Before contacting us, please try flushing your line thru a high flow faucet (such as an outside hose bib or bath tub faucet) for a few minutes, but not longer than 5 minutes.  This will only use a few cents worth of water and may quickly remove the discolored water from your service line and plumbing.  If the water becomes clear, then briefly flush each of the remaining faucets in your home. If you feel that you need to contact us about your water quality, please have the following information ready to assist our customer service representatives:

    1. Is each faucet in your home equally discolored or is the problem worse in some fixtures?
    2. Is the problem limited to just the hot or cold water faucet?
    3. Is the problem worse in the morning or evening?
    4. Is the problem limited to fixtures, such as outside hose bibs, that may have galvanized steel pipe?
    5. If you collect a sample in a clean, white cup, which of the following best describes its color:
      • Red, or;
      • Tea (dark brown or dark yellow), or;
      • Apple Juice (light yellow)

Or, if you can take a digital photo of a sample in a white cup, email it to

We apologize for the inconvenience this event has caused and appreciate your cooperation and patience.  We also remind you that there is no need to boil the water before use, but please check the color of your water before washing whites or brightly colored clothes.