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Welcome Town of Gray Court Customers

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Welcome to LCWSC!  Beginning January 1, 2020 LCWSC will manage the water system and billing for the Town of Gray Court.  After this date, you will begin receiving a bill from LCWSC for your water service and garbage service.

Business Information

  • LCWSC Office is located at 3850 Hwy 221 South, Laurens SC 29360
  • Mailing Address:  LCWSC, PO Box 1006, Laurens SC 29360
  • Office Hours:  Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
  • Phone:  864-682-3250
  • Website:

Once you receive your first bill from LCWSC, you will be assigned a new account number.  LCWSC offers many ways to pay your bill and you can choose what is convenient to you. 

  • Pay your bill online at – to sign in, you will need your new account number, the phone number that was on file with the Town of Gray Court.  Once you complete the online form with this information, you will receive and email verification.  You must click the link in the email to verify you account, then you will be able to log in to view or pay your bill.
  • Pay your bill by phone – dial toll free 855-964-6743, you will need your new 7-digit account number.  Just use all digits of the account number without the dash.  This service will talk you through paying your bill, but please do not attempt to use on speakerphone. 
  • Pay your bill by bank draft – This service available with signed permission by the customer.  The monthly bill can be withdrawn from a customer’s checking account on the due date of the bill.  To utilize this service LCWSC would require a voided copy of the check and a signed bank draft form.  This form is available on our website under Customer Service, Bank Draft Forms.
  • Pay your bill by recurring credit or debit card – By choosing this service, the monthly bill can be charged to the credit or debit card automatically on the due date of the bill.  You can sign up for this service online or call a representative to sign up. 
  • Pay your bill by mail – You can mail a check or money order to the LCWSC mailing address.
  • Pay your bill in person at the LCWSC office – We can accept many forms of payment, including: cash, check, Money Order, Visa, Mastercard or Discover.  We do not accept American Express.
  • Pay your bill in person at the Town of Gray Court – You may pay by cash or check only at the Town Hall Office.  Subject to availability, please contact Gray Court Town Hall for hours of operation.
  • Night Drop Box – We have a drop box located at the drive thru at the LCWSC office and outside the Town of Gray Court office.  Customers are discouraged from leaving cash in the night drop box, as LCWSC will not be responsible if the cash is lost or stolen.

Late Payments – A 10% penalty is added to the bill on the 16th day after the statement date. Water service will be turned off and locked without further notice if the bill is not paid within 25 days of the statement date.

Service Reconnection – If LCWSC turns off service for non-payment, the customer must pay the outstanding bill plus a $45.00 delinquent fee before services will be restored. Services are restored only during normal business hours of 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Payments must be made with cash, credit card or money order. Customers are discouraged from leaving cash in the night deposit box.  LCWSC will not be responsible if the cash is lost or stolen.

Rental Property Owners – Rental property owners and managers should contact LCWSC when a customer moves into or out of the rental property.  This will allow LCWSC to keep its records current and insure that bills are sent to the appropriate person.  If you own a rental property, please contact LCWSC to ensure the ownership records are correct.

Billing Schedule for 2020 – LCWSC billing schedules are predetermined based on geographic service area and cannot be changed to accommodate individual requests.  Please use this as a guide to the schedule for billing your area.  Dates could be subject to change without notice. 

Month Bill Date Due Date
January 1/9/2020 1/24/2020
Feb 2/6/2020 2/21/2020
March 3/5/2020 3/20/2020
April 4/9/2020 4/24/2020
May 5/7/2020 5/22/2020
June 6/4/2020 6/19/2020
July 7/9/2020 7/24/2020
August 8/6/2020 8/21/2020
Sept 9/10/2020 9/25/2020
Oct 10/8/2020 10/23/2020
Nov 11/5/2020 11/20/2020
Dec 12/3/2020 12/18/2020

Your new LCWSC Bill – Your bill will have a new look!  Below are points of interest and an example of what your new bill will look like.

Water Quality Issues for Western Laurens Customers

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Potential Taste and Odor Water Problem (For Customers in Western Laurens County Only)

The Laurens County Water and Sewer Commission (LCWSC) is receiving calls concerning an earthy taste and/or smell in the potable water from residents living in parts of western Laurens County (Hwy 252 and Hwy 76 vicinity), the area that receives water the LCWSC purchases from the Laurens CPW.    

The Laurens CPW issued the following statement to on July 29, 2019:

It appears that the water in Lake Rabon is getting worse. Lab results indicated that the level of geosmin in the lake has increased significantly from 33 ng/L (nanograms/liter) on July 8 to 434 ng/L on July 24. The level at which humans can taste and smell geosmin is 7-10 ng/L.

We have been working with consultants and suppliers to identify the most effective treatment process to deal with the geosmin. As a result, we hope to start introducing a product called Earth Tech. We asked S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control last Wednesday for a temporary permit on this process and we hope to hear from them this week.

In addition to this, we have been testing various types and quantities of carbon. One variety called Hydrodarco, manufactured by the Cabot Corporation, seemed to work best at removing geosmin. It reduced the level from 432 ng/L to 35.6 ng/L. While that is still in the detectable range for humans (7-10 ng/L), we think a combination of this and the Earth Tech will finally solve the problem. We are in the process of ordering the carbon and engineering the delivery system. All of which will need an additional permit from SCDHEC.

Again, we apologize for the length of time this process has taken. Please be assured that all available resources are being devoted to solving this problem. We ask for continued patience while we work through this event.


The Laurens CPW issued the following press release on July 16, 2019:

Laurens CPW Water Quality Issue Press Release

Laurens, S.C. – The Laurens CPW received the independent lab’s tests results late yesterday regarding the recent water quality issue. The test results indicate that there are high levels of Geosmin in the water at Lake Rabon. Geosmin is an organic compound with a distinct earthy flavor and aroma produced by certain microorganisms. It is commonly present in most lakes and ponds at varying levels. It is responsible for the earthy scent that occurs in the air when rain falls after a dry spell of weather or when soil is disturbed. Geosmin can be detected by humans at very low levels. It produces a musty, earthy smell and taste in drinking water, however it is not harmful in drinking water.

“The last time we had a major Geosmin issue was back in 2009. The levels were much higher back then and consequently, the taste and odor was much worse”, said John Young, CPW general manager. “ We suspect that alternating heavy rains and very high temperatures in recent weeks account for the rise in Geosmin in the lake. We understand how disruptive this problem has been. We ask everyone to please remain patient with us we work through this situation.”, Young went on to say.

Having determined the source of the problem, the CPW now plans to implement changes in its treatment process to remedy the situation. “We are working with our suppliers and consultants to determine the specific type of carbon that we need and the dosage required to treat the Geosmin, said Will Patterson, CPW Water/Sewer Superintendent. “If we use the wrong treatment process or use dosages too high or too low, we could make the problem even worse”, Patterson went on to say.

LCWSC would like to stress that Geosmin is not harmful in drinking water and that the water is safe, although some of our customers will likely find it disagreeable. 

We regret the significant inconvenience this event has and will cause and appreciate your patience as the Laurens CPW works to correct this problem.  We will post updates as they become available

Please see the map of the LCWSC service area that may be affected by Geosmin.

Boil Water Advisory and Repeal

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Celebrate Drinking Water Week

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Each year LCWSC  celebrates Drinking Water Week by featuring local water-themed artwork in the lobby.  Please drop by to see some of the beautiful artwork from area schools.

This year the theme for Drinking Water Week is Protect the Source.  

We’re kicking off #DrinkingWaterWeek today! Celebrate by caring for your #tapwater and protecting it at its source. #ProtecttheSource #AWWA  
It’s Drinking Water Week! Celebrate by caring for your tap water and protecting it at its source. How can you personally protect your local water source? 

Get to know your #tapwater and your local water source by reviewing your Consumer Confidence Report or talk to your #waterutility this #DrinkingWaterWeek. #ProtecttheSource #AWWA 
This is a good time to get to know your tap water and find out where your drinking water source is. Review your Consumer Confidence Report or talk to your water utility. 

We’re urging collaboration between #waterutilities and #farmers this #DrinkingWaterWeek to protect our source water and our #drinkingwater. #ProtecttheSource #AWWA 
Collaboration between water utilities and farmers is important this Drinking Water Week to protect our source water, which will assure safe drinking water for our communities. 

Replace lead-based #water pipes and plumbing this #DrinkingWaterWeek! Talk to a plumber and your #waterutility for help. #ProtecttheSource #AWWA 
This Drinking Water Week is a good time to check and replace lead-based water pipes and plumbing in your home. Talk to a plumber and your local water utility about doing that! 


Live Love Lake

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