Proposed Hickory Tavern Water Tank Replacement Project

Posted on Oct 12, 2020 in GeneralInfo

Proposed Hickory Tavern Water Tank Replacement Project

The LCWSC has submitted this project to the Capital Sales Tax Commission as part of the Capital Project Sales Tax scheduled to be on the voting ballot November 3, 2020. In addition to our project, there are 15 other projects throughout Laurens County that are part of the proposed 1% sales tax referendum. For more information, please visit their website by clicking the link below.


  • More storage for fire protection. (current tank 150,000 gallon, proposed tank 250,000 gallon)
  • Water quality will be improved by decreasing water age in the tank.
  • Minimum pressures on the ends of the District Metered Area (DMA) were increased from 22 to 30 psi.
  • Pressure swings were reduced from 34 psi to under 10 psi per day decreasing stress on the system and extend the useful life of current infrastructure.
  • Tank cycling no longer requires small booster pump station.
  • Tank will now cycle based on gravity and system demand improving both water quality and system reliability.
  • Increased system reliability and redundancy as the Odell and Hickory Tavern tanks operate (float) together, and independent of the status of the Raider Road pump station.
  • Will benefit 4,700 residents; 8,160 residents if you include the Odell Tank service area


  • Construct a new 250,000-gallon elevated tank at or near the existing Hickory Tavern Water Tank with an overflow elevation of 880 feet.



Above in Photo 1 is the existing 150,000-gallon Hickory Tavern Tank located on Neely Ferry Road near Wasson Gin Road intersection.  The existing tank was commissioned in 1974 and has served the system well.  However, as the LCWSC system has grown over the past 46 years, the hydraulics have changed that had reduced the efficiency of the current tank.  Water that once flowed sufficiently out of the tank now must be pumped causing higher operational costs and a reduction in system reliability.

The proposed tank will be 30 feet taller which will do away with the need for the booster pump station above in Photo 2. This will in turn eliminate excessive pressure swings in the distribution system, reduce pipe stress and extend the useful life of existing waterlines. All of which will lower operation and maintenance costs. The new tank will also be 250,000 gallons, 100,000 gallons larger than the existing tank. This additional storage will allow for continued growth in the Hickory Tavern community and better meet high demand periods associated with firefighting.

The project, estimated at $1,994,755, will benefit 4700 residents or more than twice that number of people when operated in tandem with other elevated tanks in Western Laurens County.