New Valve Policy


Effective October 1, 2008

The Laurens County Water and Sewer Commission (LCWSC) voted at the September 23, 2008 Board meeting to begin installing residential dual check valves and brass gate valves, per the LCWSC Valve Policy. This change in Policy will be effective October 1, 2008. Customers will NOT have an option of installing these valves themselves or hiring a plumber to install these valves after this date. Customers will continue to be responsible for installing pressure reducing valves (PRVs) at a location of their choosing.

The installation of a gate valve, a residential dual check valve and a PRV have been the homeowner’s responsibility for the last several years. Unfortunately homeowner’s have either not complied with the Policy in a timely manner or have complained about exorbitant fees charged by plumbers to install these valves. To ensure proper compliance and more importantly to provide better service to our customers, the Board of Commissioners decided that having the LCWSC install the residential dual check valve and gate valve was the best solution to this problem. The LCWSC will increase its “tap fee” to cover the cost of materials and labor for installing these valves on new services and a “valve installation fee” will be charged to cover the cost of materials and labor for installing these valves on existing services of transferred or reinstated accounts. It is anticipated that these additional fees will not increase overall costs to the customer because they will no longer need to install the required valves themselves.

If there are any questions regarding this change in Policy, contact our office at 864-682-3250 option 2.

 – LCWSC Management