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Old Owings Tank Demolition August 5, 2015

Old Owings Tank Demolition August 5, 2015

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Facts about the Old Owings Tank:

  • The old Owings tank was constructed in 1974 by Taylor Iron Works
  • Same era as Hickory Tavern Tank
  • 150,000 gallon capacity
  • 145 FT Overflow Height
  • Original 990 HGL Tank




2015 LCSWCD Photo Contest

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2015 Photo Contest Flyer 1

Sewer Collection Rate Increase

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In order to ensure that a sustainable sewer system is available for future generations, the Laurens County Water & Sewer Commission (LCWSC) is announcing a 3% rate increase for the collection of sewage beginning August 1, 2015. A well maintained, highly functioning wastewater collection and treatment system is required to adequately serve our customers and protect the environment. Ongoing maintenance must be performed to ensure that the LCWSC continually meets these standards. As a non-profit public utility, LCWSC depends solely on your payments to cover the operation and maintenance costs of its wastewater systems. The goals of the rate-making process are to ensure that rates are fair and equitable and generate enough funds to reliably operate and maintain the wastewater systems. The below table shows the change in rates per 1,000 gallons. The average residential customer uses 4,100 gallons per month so the average residential sewer bill increase $0.40 per month.

Collection Fees Current 3% Increase
Per 1000 gallons $3.24$3.34

Laurens County Water & Sewer Commission (LCWSC) Water Distribution System Flushing

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To maintain high quality and reliable service to our customers, LCWSC will be flushing in areas designated by the map below. As a result of the line flushing process, customers may experience temporary discoloration of their water. This discoloration consists primarily of harmless mineral deposits or air and does not affect the safety of the water. If you experience discoloration in your water, please clear the pipes by running an outside spigot or cold water faucet for 5-10 minutes. Please check for discoloration before washing laundry. Do not attempt to dry stained laundry; simply rewash clothes immediately using detergent.

Some customers may also experience changes in pressure during this time. Please allow a few hours before contacting LCWSC. However, if you have NO water please call LCWSC immediately. If water pressure or water volume continues to be low in one area of your home, check faucet screens or aerators for trapped particles.

If your water continues to be discolored or if your pressure does not return to normal, call the LCWSC customer service at 864-682-3250. Select option 2 with service address, date and time of the issue.


Green Area:  Already performed
Red Area: “Currently in Progress” –  Estimated completion Mid-June
Blue Area:  Water Line