Disinfectant Change to Chlorine

Posted on Oct 30, 2022 in GeneralInfo, News

On October 31, 2022 LCWSC will be changing our disinfectant from chloramine (chlorine combined with ammonia) to free chlorine to maintain a more persistent disinfectant residual. During this change, you may temporarily notice a slight difference in the taste and smell of your drinking water, which some report as a “swimming pool” smell. To help minimize this, you can run the cold water tap for two minutes. Run it for five to 10 minutes when water is not used for several hours.

LCWSC will be conducting this change for routine distribution water quality maintenance. This process is expected to occur on an annual basis, however this year we anticipate being on free chlorine for the next few months, whereas in future years the period of free chlorine application will likely last one month.

If you have any questions regarding this notice or LCWSC decision to change its disinfection process, please call K.C. Price, with LCWSC, at 864-682-6519

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Individuals and business owners, such as dialysis centers, medical facilities and aquatic pet owners, must determine if they need to take special precautions to remove chloramine from tap water. Individuals with special health concerns should consult a health care provider on the use of tap water. Again, the current change will be from chloramines to free chlorine.