What is LCWSC?

LCWSC is a Special Purpose District that provides water and sewer service to the unincorporated areas of Laurens County and portions of southern Greenville County. A Special Purpose District is a form of government that is governed by a board of elected or appointed officials, and provides service in areas that cannot be provided for by any other agency.

LCWSC is governed by a board of nine appointed board members, with seven from each of Laurens County Council Districts, one representing the City of Clinton and/or Laurens, and one representing southern Greenville County. Board members from the Council Districts must also be customers of LCWSC.

Appointing members from each Council District allows for fair and equal representation across the entire county. Each board member maintains a close relationship with the councilperson and district they represent, and is always aware of district’s needs and concerns. This appointed board ensures that LCWSC board members have strong backgrounds in technical or managerial areas. Their expertise allows them to make well-informed technical decisions that are cost effective for our customers.

LCWSC and the Board of Commissioners desire to serve the people of Laurens County by providing the best water and sewer service available at the most affordable rates. We strive to operate with the interests of Laurens County and the people we serve.

Please call our office at 682-3250 option 2 or 1-800-358-3445 with any concerns.