Rate Comparison

How do LCWSC water rates compare to neighboring districts?

To ensure high quality service, LCWSC has made significant improvements to its water system since 1990. These necessary improvements, coupled with the expense of maintaining a large rural water system, have slightly increased rates. However, in our continued effort to reduce expenses and maximize the return on revenue, LCWSC has been able to minimize the amount of rate increases over the past 15 years. Please see the Please see the table below to compare our current rates to those of surrounding counties.

LCWSC6000 gal.$39.50$48.62 $88.12
6000 gal.$54.25 $52.03$106.28
Laurens6000 gal.$36.75$35.25 $72.00
Newberry 6000 gal.$57.64 $68.06$125.70
Clinton6000 gal.$21.42$44.17 $65.59
6000 gal.$34.83 $65.88$100.71

Inside City Rates were included for comparison. Outside City Rates should be used for a more accurate comparison. Survey accurate as of July 01, 2013.

TIP: Please be aware that if you have public water and public sewer, LCWSC recommends that you consider an irrigation tap. This is a separate meter strictly for outside watering. Sewer bills are generated from water usage; this meter will prevent any water used for outside purposes to be charged to your sewer bill.