Residential Customers

Valve Installation

The goal of LCWSC is to provide our customers with high quality, safe water that complies with state regulations. To assist in achieving this goal, LCWSC will begin installing residential dual check valves and brass gate valves to each new residential and/or business customer, and reinstated customers. Customers will be required to install a pressure-reducing valve (PRV) at a location of their choosing.

The cut-off valve is to allow customers to interrupt water service to their main water line when it is necessary to make repairs or when potential freezing conditions exist. The residential dual check valve will prevent water being siphoned into the LCWSC water system from a customer’s water system in the event of a water main break. The large size of LCWSC’s system requires relatively high water pressure in most areas to maintain adequate pressure over great distances. The PRV allows the customers to reduce the pressure they receive form the LCWSC’s system to a more suitable level as required by individual homes.

The LCWSC is not responsible for damage to water heaters or other plumbing fixtures as a result of work performed on the LCWSC system. For this reason it is not only recommended but required that all existing LCWSC customers as well as new customers install a pressure-reducing valve (PRV) as described above.