Valve Installation

Locating Your Meter

Your water meter should be located in front of your residence or commercial business, near the road. The meter is located below ground in a black box to protect it from damage and possible freezing. The meter dial will be face-up and may be covered by a black plastic lid. On the meter dial you will notice a small diamond or star shaped indicator that turns as water moves through the meter.

One Residence Per Meter

LCWSC policy prohibits more than one residential dwelling and/or small business per 3/4-inch meter. Trailer parks, commercial buildings or multi-unit business malls require at least a 1-inch meter for service.

Tampering with Meters

South Carolina law prohibits tampering with electric, gas, or water meters in order to benefit from the appearance of reduced usage. The law provides for fines of up to $500 and 30 days in jail for a first offense of tampering. LCWSC prosecutes customers who break locks or otherwise tampers with meters when service has been interrupted. Customers may obtain a copy of the law by calling our office.

LCWSC Fire Line Policy

The policy of LCWSC shall be to allow non-metered fire line taps where LCWSC has the willingness and ability to serve the proposed fire sprinkler system directly from the water distribution system.A fire meter may be required where a fire line system includes tanks or pumps, or where it is otherwise deemed necessary by LCWSC. If required, the fire meter will be owned and maintained by the LCWSC, and will be read and billed monthly.Non-metered accounts will be charged a flat monthly fee to cover the cost of maintenance and inspection of the fire line connection, including monthly meter reading of detector-check backflow devices. (See Fire Line Fee Schedule)The LCWSC Engineering Department shall approve each fire line connection prior to installation. The approval process will establish that the LCWSC has willingness and ability to serve the proposed fire sprinkler system and that each connection to our distribution system will meet the latest design and material specifications adopted by LCWSC.At the discretion of the Executive Director, separate fees shall be charged to the customer for conducting a flow test and for review and approval of calculations, plans and specifications. If the fire line connection is approved, a separate fee shall be charged to cover the cost of construction inspection.