About the Sewer System

The LCWSC operates and maintains a 2.75 MGD wastewater treatment plant located on US Highway 76 near the community of Joanna, SC. Given the very high cost of installing a sewer collection system (three times that of a water system) and the rural nature of Laurens County, sewer service is only in the areas in and around the City of Clinton, the Town of Joanna, and the Laurens County Hospital. As the County develops, the opportunity to provide sewer service elsewhere will increase.

LCWSC also operates and maintains a sewer collection system in northern Laurens County. All wastewater collected in this area is treated by the ReWa.

If you would like to inquire about obtaining sewer service, please call LCWSC at: 864-682-3250 or toll free at 1-800-358-3445.