Grease Control Program

Grease is not only bad for our health, it’s also bad for the health of our sewer systems! As grease from households and businesses passes through the sewer system, it sticks to the inside walls of the sewer lines. Over a period of time, this grease builds up and blocks the sewer system causing backups and raw sewage overflows.

In order to prevent these environmental problems, wastewater agencies must devote considerable resources to removing grease from the sewer lines. These increased operations and maintenance costs ultimately impact customers with higher user fees.

Laurens County Water and Sewer Commission asks you to do your part… PLEASE DO NOT pour grease into sinks, garbage disposals, and toilets. There are many ways you can dispose of your grease that will only take a couple of minutes on your part and will help prevent sewer blockages and overflows.

Be a Part of the Solution:

  • Pour grease into a disposable container.
  • Allow the grease to harden.
  • Throw the solid grease into the trash.
  • Wipe pots and frying pans with paper towel before washing.
  • Throw paper towel in trash.

PLEASE DO NOT put crumbs and food scraps down sink drains. Food scraps and crumbs also cause major problems in sewer lines.

Here’s How You Can Help:

  • Catch food scraps in sink drain baskets.
  • Empty sink drain baskets into the trash.

The Laurens County Water and Sewer Commission thanks YOU for making a DIFFERENCE!